Eliminating odor and preventing tar and scale buildup where passengers appreciate it most, Cee-Bee Lavatory Products are designed to clean airplane restrooms and keep them smelling fresh. Cee-Bee Lavatory fluids meet manufacturers’ approvals and will not harm aircraft toilet systems.

Product Name Product Number Actions

Honey Bee™ Cleaner 60

A thickened acidic liquid for removal of hard-water scale and accumulated waste materials from vacuum toilet systems. Allows for in-place cleaning. Can be directly applied to scale deposits for local cleaning. Maintains toilet systems in good operating condition with regular cleaning.

Honey Bee™ Cleaner 60T

A thin version of Honey BeeTM 60, for use in circulating descaling.

Honey Bee™ Cleaner 60TNP

A thin, non-perfume version of Honey BeeTM 60, for use with vacuum line Water Cleaning kit.

Honey Bee™ Cleaner 76

An aircraft toilet cleaner designed to remove gummy deposits in aircraft toilet systems. Commonly used to soak holding tanks. Safe on all common aircraft construction materials including good quality paints, acrylics and high-strength steel.

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