Cee-Bee Aviation’s descaling products are designed to deliver maximum performance at the lowest possible operating costs. Approved to all major turbine engine OEM specifications, Cee-Bee Aviation’s 4-step cleaning process and tank control procedures will safely and effectively maintain high quality engine parts.

Product Name Product Number Actions

Cee-Bee® Additive GO-2L

Additive for use with Cee-Bee® J-84AL or J-84A type solutions. 24 pails per pallet.

Cee-Bee® C-623

Inhibited phosphoric acid for continued removal of scale following alkaline descaling.

Cee-Bee® J-19

Powdered two-part inhibited acid descaler for use on steel following alkaline descaling.

Cee-Bee® J-2

Mildly acidic liquid scale remover for high alloy steels.

Cee-Bee® J-3

A mildly acidic liquid scale remover for use in hot section turbine engine overhaul cleaning processes.

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