General Cleaners

Cee-Bee's general-purpose cleaners are designed to safely and effectively clean all aircraft surfaces. Approved to OEM specifications, Cee-Bee has engineered both interior and exterior aircraft cleaners for any maintenance task.

Product Name Product Number Actions

Cee-Bee® 280 Cleaner

An alkaline waterbase cleaner for aircraft, ground support equipment and trucks, trailers, buses and rail cars. Safe for use on paint, aluminum, high-strength steel and other aircraft structural metals.

Cee-Bee® A-13

A non-phosphate, multi-purpose cleaner for aircraft exteriors.

Cee-Bee® A-13NC

A non-phosphate, multi-purpose cleaner for aircraft exteriors, trucks, trailers and buses. Leaves little film, even with no rinse. Non-chromate.

Cee-Bee® A-18

A deodorizing water based cleaner for aircraft interiors and integral fuel tanks.

Cee-Bee® A-276LV

A viscous, low VOC, alkaline liquid for removing temporary coatings.

Cee-Bee® Aviation

Cee-Bee Aviation Products provide solutions for every Aerospace maintenance requirement.

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