Analytical Videos

woman in lab coat doing bath analysis
Cee-Bee ® J-3 Bath Analysis Procedure

Cee-Bee® J-3 is a mildly acidic liquid scale remover for use in hot turbine engine overhaul cleaning processes.


woman performing procedure in chemical lab
Cee-Bee J-84AL Bath Analysis Procedure

Cee-Bee® J-84AL is a liquid alkaline descaler for removing heat scale from engine parts. Can be used on titanium under appropriate conditions.

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Cee-Bee® J-88L Bath Analysis Procedure

Cee-Bee® J-88L is a liquid version of Cee-Bee® J-88 alkaline permanganate scale conditioner for use with scale and rust removers and acid pickles for removing rust, heat scale, hot rolling scale and organic coatings.

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Cee-Bee® Super Bee™ 300-LF Bath Analysis Procedure

Cee-Bee® Super Bee™ 300LF is a liquid cleaner for aqueous cleaning and degreasing prior to descaling. Can be used in immersion or spray applications. Can be used for cleaning prior to fluorescent penetrant inspection. Can be used for exterior engine cleaning prior to teardown.

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Honey Bee Toilet Vacuum Wasteline Cleaning System

The Cee-Bee® Waste Cleaning Kit has been certified by Airbus as Ground Support Equipment and referred by Boeing in its Service Letter.