About McGean

We have supplied industrial chemical products and formulations to a variety of industries for over 85 years. From the beginning, we have built our organization through a culture of customer service, product quality, and business integrity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently provide high-quality chemical toll manufacturing services while prioritizing customer satisfaction through seamless communication and prompt solutions.

Meet Our Leadership

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Our History

chemist in a lab pouring chemicals


McGean Chemical Company Was Founded

McGean Chemical Company founded in Cleveland, Ohio to produce in organic and cast nickel anodes.

chemist in a lab pouring chemicals


Cee-Bee Laboratories Ltd. Was Founded

Cee-Bee Laboratories Ltd. founded in Los Angeles to manufacture industrial cleaners.


A 20 Year Expansion

McGean acquires New Jersey Antimony Company to become a major supplier of antimony oxide. Over the next 20 years, the company expands its product offerings to include electroplating additives, metallic naphthenates, chrome oxide, and catalyst grade nickel. During this period, McGean was a key supplier of nickel technology for the Manhattan Project.


Cee-Bee established first international Cee-Bee license with C. Itoh & Company of Japan.


McGean Chemical Company sold to Chemetron Corporation.


Cee-Bee is established in England to supply European aviation market.


McGean re-emerges as independent private company with three business divisions: McGean – Inorganic Chemicals, Cee-Bee – Aviation Products, and Northwest – Industrial Surface Treatments.


McGean acquires Specialty Chrome Chemicals business from Diamond Shamrock, Inc. to become a leader in trivalent chrome technology and products.


McGean Acquires the R.O. Hull Company From Lubrizol Corporation

McGean acquires the R. O. Hull Company (Est. 1944) from Lubrizol Corporation and changes its name to McGean-Rohco, Inc. With this acquisition, the company became a leader in electroplating and metal finishing technology. McGean obtained operations in England, Mexico, Australia, and Canada. During this period, McGean made several acquisitions to grow its metal finishing business.


McGean sells Antimony Products business to Cookson Group (England) in order to focus on metal finishing, aviation, and specialty chemicals.


McGean establishes McGean-Rohco Singapore (100%) wholly owned subsidiary as a platform for growth in the Asian aviation and specialty chemicals markets.

McGean enters the Custom Manufacuturing business.

McGean acquires Specialty Polymers business from MacDermid to increase its portfolio of metal finishing intermediates and adds additional custom manufacturing capacity.


McGean acquires the Electronic Circuit Board Chemistry business from E.I. DuPont.


McGean establishes first joint venture company in Wuxi, China for promotion of electroplating and metal finishing chemistry.


McGean establishes joint venture in India for promotion of electroplating and metal finishing chemistry.


McGean sells worldwide electroplating, metal finishing, and electronic chemicals business to Atotech (USA/Germany). Through this sale a strategic focus is established on Cee-Bee Aviation Products, McGean Specialty Chemicals, and McGean Custom Chemical Manufacturing.


McGean makes significant investment into existing Cleveland organic reactions facility installing multiple new glass, stainless pressure reactors and process control systems to support strategic growth in Custom Manufacturing and Specialty Chemicals.


The Cleveland organic reaction facility continues expansion with installation of its largest stainless pressure reactor to further support Custom Manufacturing and Specialty Chemicals. Additional expansion at the Livonia, Michigan facility includes a 10,000 square foot warehouse addition, increased blending capacity, and laboratory equipment and office upgrades.


McGean-Rohco Singapore expands warehouse, laboratory, and office facilities to support rapid expansion of Asian aviation market.


Cee-Bee Aviation Materials in Xiamen, China is founded to support Chinese Aviation market growth.