Our Capabilities

Our approach to custom manufacturing is rooted in flexibility and a commitment to working alongside you to deliver custom manufacturing solutions that not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.

Made to Exacting Standards

Elevate your production processes with our expertly crafted custom chemical blends. Our experienced team is dedicated to tailoring precise formulations that meet your unique industrial needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Markets We Serve

Our diverse range of high-quality chemical solutions caters to an extensive array of markets. Whatever your industry, McGean is poised to provide tailored products that elevate performance and drive innovation.

  1. Personal Care
  2. Fiberglass Additives
  3. Surface Finishing & Electronics
  4. Industrial Applications
  5. Enhanced Oil Recovery

Batch Chemical Reaction

Our batch chemical reaction capabilities exemplify precision and reliability, enabling us to synthesize a wide range of complex compounds with utmost accuracy.

Formulated Products

Unlock a world of possibilities with our meticulously formulated products, where science and innovation converge to create tailored solutions that address your unique challenges and propel your business to new heights.