Our Equipment

Below is a representative list of equipment available for Custom Manufacturing. U.S. facilities are located in Cleveland, Ohio and Livonia, Michigan.


Reactor capabilities are perfect for processing a wide range of chemical products:

  • 7 x 1,000-gallon pfaulder glass with vacuum capacity
  • 1,800 gallon 304 SS
  • 3,000 gallon 304 SS with vacuum capacity  to 75 psig
  • 6,500 gallon 316 SS with vacuum capacity to 100 psig
  • 2 x 7,000 gallon 316 SS with vacuum capacity to 100 psig
  • Reactors jackets for heating/cooling with overhead condensers
  • Integrated DCS provides reactions control and batch sequencing

Support Equipment & Utilities

Utilities are engineered for reliable, safe, and energy-efficient operation, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. McGean’s support equipment offers solutions for filtration, drying, and other critical process needs:

  • Steam @ 110psig
  • Chilled & Cooling Towers
  • Tempered Water
  • Glycol Tempering System
  • Fiberglass, Steel and Plastic Blending Equipment
  • Filter Presses
  • Tray Dryer
  • Nutsche Filter
  • Bulk Handling Capabilities

Raw Materials

McGean uses over 1,000 different raw materials in its two U.S. chemical manufacturing plants.

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