Cavco Glas™ #8

Cavco Glas™ #8


This product is a highly reactive Werner Complex of chromium and methacrylic acid which is used as a coupling agent for glass fiber reinforced plastics. It is used on any heat cleaned glass fabric for reinforced laminates and in size formulation for glass fiber roving reinforcement. It has been proven especially effective in reducing static build-up when used in sizes designed for chopped fiber or other roving products.

Chemical Properties

CAS Number

  • 15096-41-0

Typical Analysis

  • Specific Gravity (g/ml) — (Min) – 1.220 – (Max) – 1.260
  • % Chromium — (Min) – 10.90 – (Max) – 11.60
  • % Chloride — (Min) – 15.50 – (Max) – 16.50
  • Methacrylic Acid — (Min) – 8.95 – (Max) – 9.75


  • Dark Green Liquid
McGean Product & Packaging

Standard Package

  • 55-gallon composite drum (polyethylene-lined steel); 4 per pallet

Part Number

  • 30805
Product Disclaimer
Before using your McGean® products, all safety and operating instructions should be read and understood. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Cavco Glas™ #8

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